World-class trial cyclist comes to Alta!

Eirik Ulltang (born 1990) is a Norwegian professional athlete in the cycling discipline of trials. He was the first Norwegian to take part in the World Cup and EC trials. His best international results are ninth place in the EC, twelfth place in the World Cup and 14th place in the WC. His best position in the UCI official world ranking is eleventh.

Eirik Ulltang - Jump from a car
Eirik Ulltang (Photo: Gaute Ulltang)

Eirik won the first official trial race in Norway, the first Norwegian Cup title, and the first Norwegian championship that was held. He is a nine-time overall winner of the Norwegian Cup and a seven-time Norwegian champion. As of October 2021, Eirik has won 34 out of 38 individual races in the Norwegian Cup’s history.

In addition to competing, Eirik organizes summer camps, gatherings and races for trial cyclists in Norway. But what takes the most time are the shows, where he travels all over Norway with a complete show set-up, and does demonstrations and courses at everything from festivals and cycle races to conferences and trade fairs.


About trials cycling
Biketrial is a cycling discipline where the goal is to cycle up, over, between and down various obstacles. The obstacles can be anything from a wall edge in the city to a pile of stones in the forest.

In a competition, one must cycle several obstacle courses, where the aim is to finish without touching the ground or the obstacles with anything other than the tires of the bicycle.

Biketrial can be considered a lifestyle sport, and many do it completely outside of competitions and organized forms.

Eirik Ulltang
Eirik Ulltang jumped between the two horns of Svolværgeita in Lofoten (Photo: Martin Innerdal Dalen)

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