From Saturday 29 July to Saturday 5 August there will be a cycling festival at Finnmarksvidda, and we need volunteers who can help us get all the riders through safely and well. The tasks are varied, the workplaces are located around the county (and on the plain), and the working hours are flexible. In other words, there is something for everyone who can and wants to help. People are needed in the front and behind the scenes for the rigging of the pedestrian street in Alta, responsible and volunteers are needed at all checkpoints, drivers of cars and ATVs, staffing at the secretariat, etc. There are opportunities whether you like to be social or alone, whether you like to be inside or outside, drive or sit still, it is quite possible that we can even get some cycling in on some of the shifts as well.

Do you want to join the gang and organize the toughest off-road race there is?  Sign up and we will contact you. As a volunteer with us, you get varied work tasks, new friends (or time with old ones), a volunteer vest and a discounted price at the Offroad Finnmark banquet on Saturday 5 August

Do you have questions? Contact Olga Solyanik on phone 90026364  or mail; frivilling@offroadfinnmark.no

Register as a volunteer here