Ishavskraft OF700 km Team - the world's longest and toughest nonestop ultramarathon MTB race

Challenging - exhausting - Euphoric


Ishavskraft is a Nordic electricity supplier with 76 employees and is part of the Troms Kraft group. We have a strong commitment to the environment and are involved in several exciting projects with a spotlight on future-oriented solutions. As an electricity supplier, we want to be innovative and use smart technology to reduce our customers' electricity bills.

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700 kilometer connections

The world's hardest MTB ride

Ishavskraft Offroad Finnmark 700 km is voted by many as the world's hardest mountain bike race. The 700 kilometer trail is cycled continuously from start to finish. The route goes through desolate areas in Europe's last wilderness and the Sami core area. Endless expanses, marshes, rivers and meters of altitude that you wouldn't think exist in Finnmark.

The route runs through five municipalities and stops at 10-12 checkpoints. To be able to carry out such an effort, all cyclists must get enough nutrition and rest. At Offroad Finnmark, we attach great importance to this. That is why we have arranged all the checkpoints with serving hot and cold food, drinks, accommodation.

Our 300 volunteers are ready to give you care and preparedness that you won't find anywhere else. They ensure that our participants get a unique offer such as technical service, bike washing, and anything else you may need help or assistance with. The only thing our volunteers think about is making sure that our cyclists get as optimal an experience as possible. You cannot help but be touched by their care.

Arctic Ocean force OF700 km Team

  • Team competition
  • Each team must consist of 2 or 3 riders.
  • Limited number of teams: 25
  • Classes are men, women and mixed.
  • Allowed with private support
  • OF provides equipment transport, technical and all checkpoint support, food and drink for those who do not have private support.
  • 15 min. mandatory break at all checkpoints
  • 9 h. together mandatory rest at two selected checkpoints
  • Minimum 2 hours at one of two long-rest checkpoints
  • Participation can easily be transferred to others by 1 July
  • The participation can easily be transferred to another distance by 01. July

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Men, Women, Mix

1st prize


2nd prize TBA*
3rd prize


TBA* = To be announced

Participant prize

Finisher jersey

Prerequisite for prizes

Awarding requires a minimum of three to three starting teams in the class. If there are less than three starting teams, the first prize is the Offroad Finnmark trophy.

3 starting teams trigger more prizes 1st place. 4-6 starting teams trigger more prizes 1. and 2nd place. 7 or more starting teams trigger prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

To get a finisher's jersey, you must reach the finish line within the set time limit.

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Mandatory for all riders:

  1. 113 App: Must be downloaded to the front of your phone.
  2. Effective protection against mosquitoes and the weather:
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Mosquito net/hat
  3. Emergency survival sleeping bag: 1 pc.
  4. Insulation jacket: Minimum 250 grams or down jacket
  5. Shell clothing for the whole body: Windproof and water-repellent, not tight-fitting
    • If you have a jacket that covers all the functions described in the mandatory equipment list, it is acceptable and meets the requirements.
  6. Warm clothes
  7. One layer of dry underwear: Super or wool
  8. Adequate amounts of food
  9. First aid kit: Includes tape, strips, bandages, and a small scissors/knife
  10. Matches/lighters: Store in a waterproof bag
  11. GPS + an additional fully charged power pack: Minimum 8000 mAh capacity
    • Must be able to load maps and tracks and display maps on screen
    • If the GPS fails, you must have one of these options:
      • Extra map and compass
      • GPX tracks and maps downloaded to the mobile phone
      • Additional GPS unit
  12. Mobile phone: For emergencies
  13. Helmet: Approved helmet according to NCF/UCI rules
  14. Bicycle: It is recommended to ride a full suspension or a high-quality mountain bike.

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Equipment for checkpoint bags

Team bag to checkpoint (see offer at checkpoint)

  • All riders pack three bags each. See which bag you meet where in the overview below. You meet Bag 2 at the checkpoints with a long rest.
  • If you want to sleep:
    • Blanket bag/sleeping bag
    • duvet + sheet + pillow
  • Suggested content:
    • Clean and dry cycling clothes
    • Toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, various creams for chafing, Ibux)
    • Towel
    • Private diet
      • Power bars etc.
    • Mosquito repellent (oil, milk, spray, wipes)
    • 2 – 4 hoses
    • 1 – 2 tires
    • Brake bag
    • Brake pads/brake discs
    • Extra empty drink bottles
    • Additional dropouts
    • Extra shoes
    • Additional brakes
    • Extra crank
    • Extra dropout

ATTENTION! All bags must be marked with name, telephone number and start number.

Technical car

Technical car follows the front of the race and takes equipment that takes up more space, such as spare bike, wheels etc. If you need assistance, call the race leader immediately, and they will try to get your equipment to the next checkpoint.

ATTENTION! WE cannot guarantee that a technical vehicle will be present at "your" checkpoint at all times!

Our ambition is that the last participant receives as good follow-up as the winner.


offers at checkpoints 2023/2024 (checkpoints and offers 2024 will be updated in mid-December)

OBS! check-out time: if you check out around this time, a warning will be given, and if you repeat it, you may be taken out of the race. Dialogue with race management is already established for the first time.

Absolute last check out: TBA (to be announced)

No Check point Description Technical Mattress Shower Hot food Cold food Bag Km. Estimated time - fastest team Mandatory rest OBS! time check out Absolutely last check out
0 Start Âltâ / Alta*** Gågate Scandic - - - - - - - - - - -
1 Âltâ / Alta Passing Gågate Scandic X - - - Oatmeal and fruit - 26,7 1 hour and 20 minutes 15 min. 31.07 at 19.50 -
2 Nâvuonbatha Kvænangsbotn Community center X X - Stroganoff casserole with rice X Bag 1 78,3 6 hours 15 min. 01.08 at 03.23 -
3 Bieddjuvâggi Bidjovagge Wilderness checkpoint - - - Spaghetti bolognese X - 70 5 hours and 40 minutes 15 min. 01.08 at 14.44 -
4 Guovdageaidnu Kautokeino Sports hall X X X Lapskaus X Bag 2 (large) 47,6 3 hours and 30 minutes Minimum 2 hours compulsory rest out of a total of 9 hours divided between Kautokeino 2 and Karasjok. 01.08 at 21.04 -
5 Mâze / Masi School X X X Bidos X Bag 3 84,8 3 hours and 30 minutes 15 min. 02.08 at 15.16 -
6 Šuoššjávri 1 Suossjavre 1 Mountain lodge X X X Finn beef with mashed potatoes X Bag 1 40,7 3 hours 15 min. 02.08 at 20.49 -
7 Kârâsjohka Karasjok School X X X Pizza X Bag 2 (large) 81 6 hours Minimum 2 hours compulsory rest out of a total of 9 hours divided between Kautokeino 2 and Karasjok 03.08 at 08.51 -
8 Skuvvanvârri Skoganvarre Community center X X X Chicken stew with curry and coconut X Bag 3 62,7 6 hours 15 min. 04.08 at 02.26 -
9 Bojobeaskihytta Bojobæskihytta** Wilderness checkpoint - X Hungarian goulash X - 49 4 hours and 30 minutes 15 min. 04.08 at 10.58 -
10 Šuoššjávri 2 Suossjavre 2** Mountain lodge X X X Finn beef with mashed potatoes X Bag 1 64,5 5 hours 15 min. - 05.08 at 04.00
11 Joatka / Jotka** Mountain lodge X X X Bidos X - 55,2 4 hours and 30 4 hours 15 min. - 05.08 at 08.00
11a Tutteberget**** Parking space X - - - - - 5 40 min - - -
12 Finish Âltâ / Alta Gågate Scandic - - - - - - 46 3 hours - - 05.08 at 12.00

*9 hours mandatory rest divided between Kautokeino/Guovdageaidnu and Karasjok/ Kárášjohka , minimum 2 hours at both places
**Private support is not permitted at checkpoint Jotka/Joatka and Bojobeaskihytta/Bojobæskihytta.
*** Technical bag for technical car / mechanic. Equipment for your bike.
**** Tutteberget: Not a checkpoint, no Offroad Finnmark support, private support allowed. (or you're all cheating!)

Cold food (X): cold oatmeal, omelette with ham, hard-boiled eggs, bread, polar bread, toppings (cheese, ham, nougatti, jam etc.). Nuts, bananas, chips. Cola, blue Farris, water, blackcurrant juice and coffee.

The selection varies somewhat, especially in the manned mountain lodges (Jotka/Joatka and Suossjavre/ Šuoššjávri ).

Alternatives to hot dishes are made for all registered allergies.


Map and Track 2024

Map and Track 2023/2024

Download Map (.pdf files)
Overview map 2024

Download Map (.pdf files)
Detailed map 2023 (Detail map 2024 will be published on 11 July)

GPS track 2023 (GPS/GPX track 2024 will be published on 11 July)


It is essential that you know how your GPS works and can navigate according to this during the ride. It is absolutely necessary to practice this before the race. Also, don't wait until the last minute to load and test your GPS against our tracks.

We post the tracks only in GPX format. This format is supported by all GPSs. When you follow the link to the GPX tracks above, select "Go to website" and find the track for your ride. We recommend that you first test Option A. If this does not work, try the next option.

Option A:

When you download "OFxxx_stages" you get a file containing all the stages for the selected race (OF150, OF300 or OF700). This means that when you use the file on the GPS device, you must activate a new track for each checkpoint.

Option B:

If you download a file from the "All-files" subfolder, you will get a file for the entire ride. Please note that the file for OF300 and OF700 may contain more points than your GPS can handle. Test that the entire file enters your device.

Option C:

If you cannot get all the features to work on your device, you can download the features individually from the "One-by-one" folder

Option D:

A final option if none of the above options work is to convert the gpx file to a FIT file. This can be done here:

Some Garmin GPS may have bugs in relation to our files (Garmin 1030, 830 etc.).

Recipe for transferring tracks to Garmin Edge:

  1. Download the files via our link and save it locally on your PC/MAC.
  2. Connect your GPS via cable to PC/MAC
  3. Copy the GPX file into the "New files" folder on your 1030.
  4. Disconnect your GPS using the "Safely Release and Disconnect" icon.
  5. Test that all tracks work.

It is also possible to use the free program Basecamp (from Garmin) to transfer the tracks to your device. Here you can also convert the track (GPX file) into a route if you prefer a route to a track.


Rittpakakke Ishavskraft OF700 KM tEAM

Ride package OF700 km team

  • The world's best volunteers take care of you (24/7)

  • Participation in rides

  • Live broadcasts on Facebook (24/7)

  • Sweeper (crew that follows the last rider for 300 km) (24/7)

  • ATV (Can-Am) emergency response (24/7)

  • Finisher's jersey (value NOK 1,090) Deductible NOK 199

  • Renting a tracker

  • Live tracking (24/7)

  • GPX tracks for download

  • Live results service (24/7)

  • Technical support (24/7)

  • Food and drink at all checkpoints (24/7)

  • Lactose and gluten-free hot and cold food + drink at selected checkpoints (24/7)

  • Allergy-friendly food adapted to the individual at all checkpoints (24/7)

  • Arrangement for private support (24/7)

  • Rest options at selected checkpoints (24/7)

  • Digital monitoring of riders (24/7)

  • Secretariat (24/7)

  • Ride Management (24/7)

  • Speaker service (24/7)


regulations 2024

All participants in Offroad Finnmark are required to familiarize themselves with the regulations. You can download the regulations below;

Download the rules

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Accommodation at a hotel

We warmly recommend Scandic Alta. The hotel is located in the middle of Smørøyet, with the start and finish area right outside the front door, and the secretariat and banquets at the hotel.

Room bookings can be made online on our website: or at customer service:

Booking & customer service: 23 15 50 00

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 08.00 – 20.00

Offroad Finnmark's discount code will be published in the near future.

Offroad Finnmark's "Grand Finale". Closing banquet with entertainment and prize giving.

Sign up for the banquet here


Sign up for the banquet here