OF Youth

Coop Finnmark OF Youth 30/50 km

For you between 13 and 23 years of age


Coop Finnmark is one of Finnmark's largest privately owned companies, owned by over 24,000 members from all over Finnmark. The team currently has 409 employees spread across eleven Marked stores, five Prix stores, eight Extra stores, four Byggmix, two Sport1 stores. With over 4 million customer visits each year, we want to give something back to the local community and be part of the growth in the county. That is why we are proud to be able to collaborate with Offroad Finnmark.

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"COOP Finnmark OF Youth is tailored for cyclists in their teens and early 20s and gives them a unique opportunity to explore the fantastic terrain in Finnmark.

In 2024, we proudly present a long-awaited and great opportunity for young cycling enthusiasts between the ages of 17 and 23. As a trial scheme, we are creating two new classes, 17-19 and 20-23 years old, who will also have the opportunity to cycle 50 km.

The ride follows the same route as the first part of Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge OF150, and it is the perfect opportunity to experience the spectacular nature of Finnmark on two wheels.

Ride start for COOP Finnmark OF Youth starts at the same time as Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge OF150 at 10.00 on Saturday 27 July, but has a joint riders' meeting the day before and is a great and memorable breakfast banquet at Scandic Alta on Sunday at 10.00

For the class 13-14 years, there is a round of around 30 kilometres.

For the classes 15-16 / 17-19 / 20-23 years there are two rounds of a total of 50 kilometres.

Coop Finnmark OF Youth was organized for the first time in 2017 as an immediate success.

Here, everyone, regardless of level, can test themselves and their cycling skills on Finnmark's roughest cycle paths.

Prizes for everyone."

Information Coop Finnmark OF Youth


13-14 years: 30 km
15-16 / 17-19 / 20-23 years: 50 km


Presentation and ride start
Presentation Sat 27. July at 09.00
Ride start Sat 27. July at 10 a.m


Early bird 12-14 October
13 - 14 YEARS: NOK 49
15-16 / 17-19 / 20-23 YEARS: NOK 99

ATTENTION. A one-time license can be purchased from us upon registration.

A full-year license can be purchased from 2024 onwards.

"Fantastic, never experienced anything like this despite being completely exhausted. I'm proud of my jersey"


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Participant prizes

All participants in Coop Finnmark Ungdom receive a participation prize.

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Mandatory for all riders:

  • Helmet
    • Approved helmet according to NCF/UCI regulations
  • Bicycle
    • Recommend a full suspension mountain bike, but hard tail also works
  • Mobile phone
    • In case you need help

Recommended for all riders:

  • GPS
    • Route can be downloaded to GPS. The route is also marked, so GPS is not a must have
  • Pump/cartridge
  • Multi-tool
    • Umbraco
    • Star puller


track and Map 2024



Download Map (.pdf file). Maps from 2022 apply to 2023.
Map 2024

final GPS/GPX track 2024 (published on July 11)


It is essential that you know how your GPS works and can navigate according to this during the ride. It is absolutely necessary to practice this before the race. Also, don't wait until the last minute to load and test your GPS against our tracks.

We post the tracks only in GPX format. This format is supported by all GPSs. When you follow the link to the GPX tracks above, select "Go to website" and find the track for your ride. We recommend that you first test Option A. If this does not work, try the next option.

Option A:

When you download "OFxxx_stages" you get a file containing all the stages for the selected race (OF150, OF300 or OF700). This means that when you use the file on the GPS device, you must activate a new track for each checkpoint.

Option B:

If you download a file from the "All-files" subfolder, you will get a file for the entire ride. Please note that the file for OF300 and OF700 may contain more points than your GPS can handle. Test that the entire file enters your device.

Option C:

If you cannot get all the features to work on your device, you can download the features individually from the "One-by-one" folder

Option D:

A final option if none of the above options work is to convert the gpx file to a FIT file. This can be done here: https://fit-route.pyrites.org.uk/

Some Garmin GPS may have bugs in relation to our files (Garmin 1030, 830 etc.).

Recipe for transferring tracks to Garmin Edge:

  1. Download the files via our link and save it locally on your PC/MAC.
  2. Connect your GPS via cable to PC/MAC
  3. Copy the GPX file into the "New files" folder on your 1030.
  4. Disconnect your GPS using the "Safely Release and Disconnect" icon.
  5. Test that all tracks work.

It is also possible to use the free program Basecamp (from Garmin) to transfer the tracks to your device. Here you can also convert the track (GPX file) into a route if you prefer a route to a track.


Ride package

Ride package

  • Participation in the ride
  • participant prize
  • Participation in the breakfast banquet
  • 13 - 14 years: Early bird 12-14 Oct. NOK 50, otherwise NOK 170
  • 15 - 16 / 17 - 19 / 20 - 23 years Early bird 12-14 Oct. NOK 99, otherwise NOK 170
  • Renting a tracker
  • Live tracking
  • Food and drink during and after the ride
  • Sweeper (crew that follows the last rider)
  • ATV (Can-Am) readiness
  • Digital monitoring of riders (24/7)



Accommodation at a hotel

We warmly recommend Scandic Alta. The hotel is located in the middle of Smørøyet, with the start and finish area right outside the front door, and the secretariat and banquets at the hotel.

Booking code for booking a room at Scandic Alta, Booking code: BOFF230724

• Can be booked until: 24.06.24

• Free cancellation up to: 10 days before arrival.

• Individual ordering and payment.

• The reservation must be guaranteed with a credit card when booking


• Standard single room per room per night: NOK 990

• Standard double room per room per night: NOK 1,090

• Standard Family room, 3 people, per room per night: NOK 1,320

• Standard Family room, 4 people, per room per night: NOK 1,560
All rooms including breakfast and VAT.

Applies to the period of stay : 23.07-04.08.24

Rooms not reserved by this date will be released automatically and rooms are available on request and at the best available price

Room bookings can be made online on our website: www.scandichotels.com or at customer service:

Booking & customer service: 23 15 50 00

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 08.00 – 20.00



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Offroad Finnmark's "Grand Finale". Closing banquet with entertainment and prize giving.

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