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Contractor Harald Nilsen OF Barneritt

Wednesday 02. August at 14:00 organizes Offroad Finnmark in collaboration with Entrepreneur Harald Nilsen, a separate children's race. The event is completely free. It is open to anyone between 0 and 12 years old who has a helmet and something with wheels. All children a specially designed finisher jersey and steak.

Meet at the Scandic Alta main entrance. Registration and distribution of start numbers from 13:00. The first pool starts at 14:00 and the event finishes at approx. 15.00. The little ones with tricycles and support wheels are out first. Then 5-6 years, 7-8 years and finally 9-12 years. Feel free to take photos before, during and after Entrepreneur Harald Nilsen OF Barneritt and post them on Facebook or Instagram #OffroadFinnmark.




Wednesday 02. August 2023

Collection of no. Contractor Harald Nilsen OF Children's rides in the pedestrian street at Scandic

2 p.m
Ride start Entrepreneur Harald Nilsen OF Children's ride in the pedestrian street by Scandic


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