DNB OF150 - our Formula 1 offer for MTB cyclists

Shorter than the longest, far from easy

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Get a taste of Offroad Finnmark

The DNB OF150 is the MTB ride for everyone

Offroad Finnmark 150 is our "Formula 1" race, and consists of 150 kilometers in tough terrain. The race is conducted as a day race. At 300 and 700 you have to ride in a team, you don't do that at 150. Here, like Ishavskraft OF700 Solo, there is individual registration.

The OF150 goes on much of the same terrain as our longer rides and you really get a feel for what Offroad Finnmark is all about. Every year we visit Jotka Fjellstue, a regular checkpoint on the OF150. Here you get free hot food and drink, before the return to Alta.

The race is excellent for those who do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time on training, planning and equipment. At the same time, it is excellent for those who want to compete. If you want to win OF150, you have to be good. It is also a nice entry for those who one day dream of riding 300 and 700.

Our fastest participants complete the race in about 7 hours. To get a finisher's jersey, the race must be completed within 16 hours.

Mandatory for all riders (Under revision):

  • 113 app must be downloaded on the front of the phone
  • Effective mosquito and weather protection
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Mosquito hat/net for head
    • 2 rescue foils
    • Down jacket
    • Shell clothing for the whole body (windproof/water repellent)
      • Not tight fitting
    • Warm clothes
      • One layer of dry underwear (super or wool)
    • Food in sufficient quantities
    • First aid equipment (tape, strips, bandage, small scissors/knife, and rescue foil)
    • Match/lighter (in waterproof bag)
    • GPS + extra fully charged power pack minimum 8000 mah.
      • Must be able to load maps and tracks, as well as display maps on screen
    • If the GPS strikes
      • Extra map and compass GPX tracks and maps downloaded on mobile
      • Or additional GPS
    • Mobile phone
      • For emergencies
    • Helmet
      • Approved helmet according to NCF/UCI regulations
    • Bicycle
      • You should ride a full shock absorber or a very good trail bike. Hardtail with cane creek seat damper pin can be an option

Recommended equipment:

  • 1 tire
  • 1-2 hoses
  • Chain cutter + extra chain or links
  • tool
    • Small pliers
    • Multi-tool
      • Umbraco
      • Star puller
    • Strong tape
    • Strong cord
  • Pump/cartridge
    • We recommend everyone to have a pump available, as you can experience up to several punctures per stage.
  • Central wear parts (for example)
    • Brake rubber, brake cables, gear cables)
  • Gear ear/dropout + extra rear gear


Technical support checkpoint Alta and Jotka mountain lodge. If you need assistance, call the race leader immediately, and they will try to get your equipment to the next checkpoint.

Our ambition is that the last participant receives as good follow-up as the winner.


track and Map 2023



Download Maps (.pdf files). Maps from 2022 apply to 2023.

Overview map 2023

Detailed map 2023


We post the tracks only in GPX format. This format is supported by all GPSs. The file you download contains all the parts. This means that when you use the file on the GPS device, you must activate a new track for each checkpoint.

It is essential that you know how your GPS works and can navigate according to this during the ride. It is absolutely necessary to practice this before the race. Also, don't wait until the last minute to load and test your GPS against our tracks.

Some Garmin GPS have bugs with our files (Garmin 1030, 830 etc).

Recipe for transferring tracks to Garmin Edge:

  1. Download the files via our link and save it locally on your PC.
  2. Connect your GPS via cable to PC/MAC
  3. Copy the GPX file into the "New files" folder on your 1030.
  4. Disconnect your GPS using the "Safely Release and Disconnect" icon.
  5. Test that all tracks work.

If you can't get all the parts to work, you can download the parts individually from the folder "OFxxx parts"

A final option is to use the free program Basecamp (from Garmin) to transfer the tracks to your device. Here you can also convert the track (GPX file) into a route if you prefer a route to a track.

If not, you can convert the gpx file to a FIT file. It can be done here: https://fit-route.pyrites.org.uk/

GPS track 2023


offers at the checkpoints 2023 (updated in December 2022)

No Check point Description Technical Hot food Cold food Number of kilometers Estimated time (hours) OBS! time check out Absolutely last check out
0 Alta - start Gågate Scandic X - - - - - -
1 Alta* Gågate Scandic X - TBA* 27 1 hour 12.30 -
2 Joatka* Mountain lodge X TBA* X 57 3 hours and 20 minutes - 23.07.2022 at 22.50
3 Alta - goal Gågate Scandic - - - 62 2 hours and 45 minutes - -

*NB. 10-minute mandatory stop at checkpoint Alta and Jotka Fjellstue.

Number of km. rounded to the nearest whole kilometre.

In wet conditions, the estimated time increases.

Cold food 2022 (X): cold oatmeal, omelette with ham, hard-boiled eggs, bread, polar bread, toppings (cheese, ham, nougatti, jam etc.). Nuts, bananas, chips. Cola, blue Farris, water, blackcurrant juice and coffee.

The selection can vary somewhat, especially at the manned mountain huts (Jotka).

Alternatives to hot dishes are made for all registered allergies.

TBA* = To be announced



Friday 28 July 2023

Changes may come

Rider meeting DNB OF150 solo (incl. M/K 17-19 years) (Scandic Finnmarksalen)

Registration DNB OF150 solo (incl. M/K 17-19 years) (Scandic secretariat)

Saturday 29 July 2023

Changes may come

Presentation of the riders DNB OF150 solo (incl. M/K 17-19 years)

Ride start DNB OF150 solo (incl. M/K 17-19 years)

Passing checkpoint Alta DNB OF150 solo (incl. M/K 17-19 years)

Finish line DNB OF150 solo (incl. M/K 17-19 years)

Sunday 30 July 2023

Changes may come

Time limit Finisher DNB OF150 solo (incl. M/K 17-19 years)

Breakfast banquet with prize giving
DNB OF150 solo (incl. M/K 17-19 years) (Scandic Finnmarksalen)


Packages DNB OF150

Ride package

  • The world's best volunteers take care of you (24/7)

  • Participation in rides

  • Live broadcasts on Facebook (24/7)

  • Sweeper (crew that follows the last rider 150 km.)(24/7)

  • ATV (Can-Am) emergency response (24/7)

  • Finisher's jersey (value NOK 900)

  • Participation in the breakfast banquet

  • Renting a tracker

  • Live tracking (24/7)

  • GPX tracks for download

  • Live results service (24/7)

  • Technical support (24/7)

  • Food and drink at all checkpoints (24/7)

  • Lactose-free hot and cold food + drink at jokta fjellstue (24/7)

  • Allergy-friendly food adapted to the individual at all checkpoints (24/7)

  • Arrangement for private support (24/7)

  • Rest options at Jotka mountain lodge (24/7)

  • Digital monitoring of riders (24/7)

  • Secretariat (24/7)

  • Ride Management (24/7)

  • Speaker service (24/7)

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Regulations 2023

All participants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the regulations of Offroad Finnmark. You can download the regulations below;

Download the Regulations

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Accommodation at a hotel

If you want a more comfortable stay, we would recommend Scandic Alta. The hotel is located in the middle of Smørøyet. The start and finish area is right outside the front door and the secretariat and banquets at the hotel. Use the code BOFF200722 and get a discount on accommodation at our hotel partner Scandic Alta.

To book, do the following:

- Go to www.scandichotels.com / www.scandichotels.no

- Choose the Right Hotel (Scandic Alta) The code will not work if you do not choose the right hotel.

- Select the correct date (20.07 - 03.08.2022). The code will not work if you choose other or more dates, fewer dates can of course be chosen.

- Press the arrow down to the right where it says booking code, bonus check or reward night / bonus code, bonus check or bonus night.

- Enter the following code: BOFF200722 in the field where it says "Add Booking code / add booking code"

Scandic Alta