Environmental lighthouse

Environmental beacon status for Offroad Finnmark

As one of very few sporting events, Offroad Finnmark is now certified as an Environmental Lighthouse. It obliges to organize a sports competition in Norway’s and Europe’s only proper wilderness area!

– We are happy and proud to be able to say that Offroad Finnmark is now certified as an Environmental Lighthouse . This means increased competence and extra focus on sustainability for us and in the interaction with our current and future partners. . We would like to extend a big thank you to our environmental lighthouse consultant Mariann Kristensen in Orinor for her brilliant assistance, says managing director Kjetil Johansen.

River crossing Kim Pliniussen and Jesper Thomsem
The picture was taken around midnight in Làhpoluoppal, Kautokeino municipality. Danes Jesper Thomsen and Evald Linløkken (Porsanger CK) cross Làhpojohka in the fog. The midnight sun barely pushes through the haze, while the sky offered an extraordinary play of colors. (Photo: Claus Jørstad)

This is the Environmental Lighthouse:
Miljøfyrtårn is a recognized and effective tool for certification and environmental management, which helps businesses succeed in green transition. By being an Environmental Lighthouse, the company/organisation actively contributes to a sustainable future, and to the necessary green transition. The company/organisation receives concrete tools to work in a targeted manner to improve its environmental performance in the areas of working environment, waste management, energy use, purchasing and transport. This is done by implementing measures based on a set of defined criteria, adapted to the company’s operation and industry.

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Offroad Finnmark takes place in the only real Norwegian wilderness. It sets strict requirements as an organizer from an environmental perspective.

– It has been particularly important to prioritize the Environmental Lighthouse certification because we travel in vulnerable and valuable nature. We must have preparedness that is in line with the responsibility we manage. We are obliged to do our part and at the same time make visible the opportunities that open up in the summer and which Offroad Finnmark’s activity draws attention to, says Johansen.

Offroad Finnmark has received feedback from the Miljøfyrtårn foundation that among other sports organizers in Norway that are certified are: Artic Race of Norway, Reistadløpet, Bislett Games, Ekstremsportveko, Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, and World Cup Drammen cross-country sprint.

Jan Martin Rishaug and Kjetil Johansen
Deputy mayor of Alta municipality, Jan Martin Rishaug and general manager of Offroad Finnmark Kjetil Johansen, are both very satisfied that Offroad Finnmark is now environmentally certified. There was also time for a bit of carelessness! (Photo: Mediaveien)

– We think this is a good list to be part of. It is with no small amount of pride that Offroad Finnmark can take part in such a celebrated company. Now we must live up to the obligations that follow. We have a very knowledgeable and competent staff – both as volunteers and in the permanent organizing staff – who will contribute in their areas, says Johansen.

Advantages of being an Environmental Lighthouse:
Many Environmental Lighthouse businesses experience environmental improvements, reputation improvements and reduced costs as a result of the certification. Miljøfyrtårn’s customer survey 2020 among private Miljøfyrtårn businesses shows that:

77% experience environmental improvements
50% experience strengthened competitiveness
52% feel that they are contributing to a green transition
64% experience a degree of reputation improvement
54% experience increased pride among employees

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