Cooperation with the Sámi Parliament

Strengthens the Sami section in collaboration with the Sami Parliament

Offroad Finnmark wants to increase the visibility of Sami presence, language, culture and history in connection with the running of the race. A collaboration with the Sámi Parliament will strengthen this initiative.

Offroad Finnmark and the Sami Parliament have begun collaboration on the use of Sami elements in connection with the implementation and profiling of the event.

– The aim is to increase the visibility of the Sami, increase knowledge within our organization about the Sami and ensure the correct use of both Sami culture and identity, says general manager Kjetil Johansen.

Correct Sami place names have been added to the riding maps of Offroad Finnmark, as a concrete result of the collaboration with the Sami Parliament.

He is very happy with the positivity Offroad Finnmark has met with the Sami Parliament after the initiative for a collaboration was taken.

– We have been welcomed with open arms and are experiencing constructive and good cooperation with the Sami Parliament. In the long run, this will have visible consequences, to the benefit of both us as a sports competition and the Sami community.

– Offroad Finnmark’s trail runs largely through Sami areas, and Sami symbols have previously been used by Offroad Finnmark in good faith, without the company being aware of the significance of their use. It has also not been made known to Offroad Finnmark what perception the use of Sami symbols entails, from the Sami community. Now we want a stronger focus on this. Then we are completely dependent on expertise. And we find that expertise at the Sami Parliament, says Johansen.

The Sámi Parliament must make itself available, as a mediator of any areas of expertise, which are relevant for Offroad Finnmark to be able to safeguard the Sámi’s values and property, as well as make decisions about the use of Offroad Finnmark’s use of Sámi property. The agreement requires mutual cooperation, where both parties must contribute to solving challenges and opportunities, linked to the agreement’s objectives, through input, clarifications, presentations, etc.

Rider in water
Tore Fallet on his way over one of the many river crossings under Ishavskraft OF700 Solo (Photo: Claus Jørstad)

– Offroad Finnmark’s trails go through a lot of untouched nature that is filled with values. Offroad Finnmark wants to be a sustainable facilitator on behalf of Finnmark’s nature and culture. We must comply with the Finnmark Act, work closely with FeFo and municipalities so that the organization as an organizer can achieve the most sustainable management of nature and the environment. Here, the Sámi Parliament also plays an important role so that we can achieve our objectives. The Sámi Parliament must support the work related to Offroad Finnmark’s safeguarding of nature and the environment, and ensure that Offroad Finnmark is updated on request on conditions that are relevant to the route of the race or the like, says Kjetil Johansen.

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