2022 is the Year of Volunteering

Tiril gets his dream fulfilled at the Šuoššjávri mountain lodge

When Tiril Aurora Treseng Lien expressed her desire to work as a volunteer at the Šuoššjávri mountain lodge, it didn’t take long before there was a loud and clear “YES!” from Alice Balto.

Tiril and mother Linda 2
Mum Linda Treseng has arranged a cool summer job in Šuoššjávri for daughter Tiril. She will work as a volunteer during Offroad Finnmark this summer. (Photo: Private)

We want to mark this year with a story about one of our youngest volunteers in Offroad Finnmark 2022, but who is still like a veteran. Tiril Aurora Treseng Lien is almost 12 years old, but has been part of the Offroad Finnmark circus since she was 4. Tiril is the daughter of the not unknown Linda Treseng and Geir Lien.

Tiril’s first encounter with a bicycle race was when she was 6 weeks old, when both Geir and Linda competed at Nesmila, so perhaps cycling is something she got through her mother’s milk. In 2013, Linda and Geir rode the SmartDok OF300 for the first time. It was supposed to be included that one time, but you know, short-term memory isn’t what it used to be….. That time Tiril stayed at home.


In 2014 it was “on again”, with a new round of SmartDok OF300. Tiril got to be with a friend of Linda’s, whom Trygve Nygård in GLØD Explorer took pity on and took around the various checkpoints.

In the years after this, Tiril has been part of Offroad Finnmark, apart from the “Corona year” 2020. Tiril has “hung out” quite a bit in the Offroad Finnmark secretariat together with Conny Graumann in addition to being looked after by various well-known, or less well-known, around the various checkpoints. For Tiril, traveling to Alta and Offroad Finnmark in the summer is just as natural as others going to the cabin in the summer. A summer without Offroad Finnmark will be a summer that is “missing something”.

She was aware early on that her dream was to ride an OF300 on a mixed team with her mum and dad when she was old enough. We think it’s called voluntary coercion, not unlike what parents practice in the opposite direction.

Tiril and mum Linda
Mum Linda Treseng has arranged a cool summer job in Šuoššjávri for daughter Tiril. She will work as a volunteer during Offroad Finnmark this summer. (Photo: Private)

Last year, Tiril had another dream while she was with Anita Alice Jensen and Geir Lien around and followed Jørn Kandola and Sven-Kåre Bunæs’ 300 km. She would like to work as a volunteer at a checkpoint. She thinks it’s fun with all the cyclists and the atmosphere that is “out there”. So this autumn, Linda therefore forwarded this wish to Alice Balto at the Šuoššjávri mountain lodge. The answer from there came immediately;

“She is most welcome to be with us, all the way. We will of course also arrange a place to sleep for her!


So then it was time to arrange a separate “crew sweater” as the vests that Offroad Finnmark has are not intended for a 12-year-old. However, we can promise that there will be an order to it. Tiril is looking forward to it, and we can really only guess the motivation of Mamma Linda (who will be riding the Ishavskraft 700 Solo!) and Geir, to meet their daughter Tiril at the Šuoššjávri mountain lodge. We do too!

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