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Our Formula 1 offer for MTB cyclists

Shorter than the longest, but far from easy

A solo ride for everyone

A taste of Finland

DNB OF150 gives you a real insight into what Offroad Finnmark consists of. While on the SmartDok OF300 and Ishavskraft OF700 you have to ride in a team (the 700 also has its own solo class), the DNB OF150 is solo. The trail follows beautiful single tracks in the area around Alta, before it leads to the mountains towards Jotka Fjellstue. Checkpoint Jotka offers fantastic service from our volunteers. Hot food, drink and service, before the trip returns to Alta. Although the DNB OF150 is our shortest ride, it is far from easy. The terrain is sometimes demanding and the riders are out for anything from 8 to 16 hours.

The DNB OF150 is perfect for the beginner, but also for those looking for a raw competition.

DnB OF150

Elite and broad, side by side

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Perfect for the competitive person

Push threshold watt for 7-8-9-10 etc. hours.

What the f...? If you thought Birken was tough, in Offroad Finnmark 150 you need strength you didn't show you had.

The record on the DnB OF150 is just over 7 hours. On the journey, you will cycle technical sections along the Alta River, clear up to Finnmarksvidda, over stone watches and rivers. Until you finally, perhaps end up sprinting into the pedestrian street in the center of Alta.

It is a mental battle with oneself, and a tactical test, where the forces must be spread out over a long period of time. Since its inception in 2016, OF150 has grown in the number of participants and everything indicates that it will be fully subscribed in 2022.

If we're going to see you at the starting line, you have to be quick.

Perfect for the beginner

Perfect start to your Offroad finnmark career

Have you just bought a mountain bike and need a goal for your training? Then the DNB OF150 is designed for you. Create a training plan that ensures you finish within the time limit. It will give you experiences that are guaranteed to make you want to start again next year. The meeting with other cyclists will influence you to test your limits. If you master DNB OF150, you will gain both motivation and experience which will make you want to try your hand at a longer distance. Perhaps you will end up as a participant in Ishavskraft OF700 in a few years?

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DnB OF150

Raw nature

Experience Finnmarksvidda from the bicycle seat

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