Who are our participants?

We are approaching the end of the year 2018, and we have already started looking forward to Offroad Finnmark 2019. We have now nearly 200 participants for next year’s race and here are some facts and statistics on who our participants are:

– Coop Finnmark OFUngdom: 1 participant
– DNB OF150: 64 participants (52 Men and 12 Women)
– SmartDok OF300: 94 participants (78 Men and 16 Women)
– Ishavskraft OF700: 39 participants (35 men and 4 women)

On the SmartDok OF300, 54 teams (74 teams started in 2018) have signed up, while the Ishavskraft OF700 has 12 teams (19 teams started in 2018).

The following countries are represented: Norway, Finland (8 riders), Denmark (10 riders), Scotland (1 rider) and England (2 riders)

Alta is the city with the most participants, a total of 58, followed by Hammerfest, Tromsø and Lakselv.

The youngest participant is, of course, Ludvig Baksjøberget, who is signed up in the youth race, but in the other races Erik Roxrud (17 years in 2019) is the youngest, OF150. Oldest participant is Ottar Opgård, 63 years, and he will ride OF300.