Daniel Leirbakken og Kaj Helge Helgesen sykler over liten elv i Smartdok OF300

It is approaching February and we are in full swing planning for this year’s race. This time of year the board use good time on strategy work, as well as that sport committee makes the final touch on the plans towards the summer. This has resulted in some news as well as some practical information.

Limited number of participants
As part of this year’s strategy work, we have decided to limit the number of participants to our races. The reason for this is, among other things, consideration of nature, the quality of the race and the capacity of the checkpoints. We want to deliver world-class service, and we do it with the number we have decided is our limit. The limit is set to the following number:

DNB OF150: 200 riders
SmartDok OF300: 110 teams
Arctic force OF700: 25 teams
Arctic force OF700 SOLO: 30 riders

This will come into effect as early as 2019. The board will continue to work on other changes, but this will come at a later date.

Start time Ishavskraft OF700 Solo
The sport committee has set a start time for the start of OF700 Solo.

Both the men’s class and the women’s class start on Monday at 21.00. They then start with mix, lady and tour class men of 700 teams. Men’s elite team starts on Tuesday at 09.00.