The race is on

In 2018 Offroad Finnmark has a 10th anniversary, and for an anniversary it will be. We have three women teams enrolled for Ishavskraft OF700. Team Ishavskraft consists of Linda Treseng and Nina Gässler. The duo has many years of experience on these kind of races. Linda has completed OF700 several times, while Nina has several strong results in famous rides.

– We are both happy with real challenges, a little out of the ordinary and that take us out of the comfort zone. We are obviously excited but also happy to see more girls team to start, says Linda Treseng in Team Ishavskraft.

Team Wild Women Fun Biking, consisting of Anita Alice Jensen and Linda Isaksen, was the first team to sign up for 2018. This is Anita Alice Jensen comment on more teams in the women’s class. – More ladies enrolled gives extra motivation. Very cool that there are so strong ladies too. Our ambition is to complete and to get the shirt has been my personal goal for a long time. If you become the first team team ever to complete it is of course a bonus, but the main goal is to compete.

The third team consists of Naomi Freireich and Nienka Oostra in Team Unlimited Chickpower. The Dutch / British duo lives in Scotland and has experiences from several endurance races.

– For us, it is about finding races that give us extreme challenges both physically and mentally. We want to be the first ladies team to reach the goal of OF700. With three women’s teams ready for Ishavskraft OF700 in 2018 we feel that it is not a question about if a ladies team will do it, but who will win.

We have room for even more women’s teams on the starting line and hope that even more women’s teams will sign up. The race is on!