OF700 solo open for sign up

Offroad Finnmark has for many years thought, evaluated and wanted solo class in OF700. Up to now, safety has been our biggest concern, but after 10 years of experience, we feel ready to arrange the Offroad Finnmark 700 Solo.

This summer, we launched the idea of ​​opening up for this, the feedback has been a good. Cyclists from all over the world are excited about how we plan to implement this. In this text we will try to review some of the most important directions for the race.

It is important to point out that adjustments may come, and we have not yet made a complete set of rules for this class.



We are going to have a separate OF 700 solo team. This team will consist of 2-3 race managers, 2 ATV teams, as well as volunteer checkpoint workers. These will only assist the solo riders. This team will at all times control where our solo riders are, and ATV drivers will be out to “patrol”. But not so much that the riders feel monitored. At checkpoint, race managers will always assess the condition of the riders and they can take riders out of race if they consider it necessary.


Start Time

What is certain is that solo ladies start at the same time as tour class men, mix and women’s team. If solo men start at the same time as solo ladies or men elite we will consider when we have an overview of the number of participants.

The start time for the whole 700 class will be changed to Monday at 21:00 for tour class men, lady and mix, and OF700 men elite will be moved to Tuesday at 09:00


Private support

It will notbe possible to have private support on OF700 Solo. This for several reasons: We want international participation, and most of them do not have the possibility of private support. Our wish is that the competition aspect should be the same for everyone in this class. In addition, at any time, we will have full control of the solo riders when they are at checkpoint. We lose this control when the riders go straight to PS.

However, if you want to know someone you know around the trail, they can volunteer to the OF700 Solo team. They then have the opportunity to help you with what you may need, but they must also help others in the same way.

More info about this team will come.


Apply for participation

In order to participate in the OF700 solo, you must submit an application through our registration system. This must be approved by the sports committee in OF. Anyone who has completed OF700 or 300 previously will be approved. In addition to that, we will have to make decisions based on previous participations in various races, etc.


Mandatory rest

We make a change to the entire OF700 with regard to mandatory rest. It will now be taken 9 hours in total at checkpoints Kautokeino and Karasjok, riders can decide for themselves how long they will be at the two checkpoints. The only requirement is to have at least two hours at each of the checkpoints (Karasjok and Kautokeino). Otherwise, it will still be mandatory 5 minutes at each checkpoint.


Fee and registration

Regular price is 9500, – and lasts until January 15th. Between January 16 and end of March, it costs 10,000, -. The deadline for signing up to OF700 Solo will also be in March.

Registration after deadline, the price will be 15,000, –

We will come with Early bird offer for former participants.