English Om Ishavskraft Of700

The Thoughest MTB race in the world 

The race for the extreeme

700 kilometer through Europes last wilderness

You need Raw effort and a hard head

Ishavskraft OF700 is a one-leg bike rade of about 700 km. The race has a total of 9 to 11,000 climbing metres and is dominated by technical cycling and bike orientation using GPS and maps.

Participants are required to have a high level of technical skills and a have to be in a good physical form. The trail  consist of remote roads, remote paths and mud, extremely demanding technical mosquitoes and rivers. The race is cycled in a single leg with minimal amount of rest resting.

A MTB challenge beyond compare

Do you have the extreme skills it takes?

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No woman team has ever finished Ishafskraft OF700

Let us make history in 2018

For ten years we have been waiting for a womans team to cross the finish line of OF700 in Offroad Finnmark. In 2016 and 2017 we had big hopes, but unfortunately the teams had to give up with about 100 kilometers to go. This year, however, we are sure to get our first woman team to make history. Three teams are enrolled, all with ambitions to become historical.

And we have room for more teams!

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Ishavskraft OF700

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