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SmartDok OF300

An adventure of a life time 

SmartDok OF300 is a world class adventure race 

Real Challenge – but pure passion 

SmartDok OF300 is a world-class adventure race. Over 80 percent of those who have done it say they will return.

SmartDok OF300 is also the race that draws most participants in Offroad Finnmark. The reason is that it appeals to MTB cyclists in all categories; elite athletes, those who are well trained and exercised.

Like Ishavskraft OF700, this is a ride where the trail is locoated in the Finnmark plateau. The trail is demanding and if you want to compete for the podium you have to be extremely good both physically and technically.

But it is also a race available to those who want a challenge to test their own limits. The ride is also very public-friendly and available for private support.

The perfect goal for training

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If you want a  strong relationship – you will get it here

SmartDok OF300 is an MTB ride that must be done in teams of 2 or 3. This will test your relationships to your parnters.

300 kilometers of rough terrain, mosquitos, mud, rocks, rivers and hills will test all sides of yourself and your partners. Even sides and feelings you havent felt at all.

We guarantee you will end up in situations where your blood sugar is low, where your energy stores are empty, where your body is aking or the equipment is not working. In such situations relationships are put to the test. It is by dealing with such challenges that friendship is strengthened.

Imagine the feeling that a good friendship before the race has grown into a deeper relationship you can share theese experiences and the mastering with. It provides a relationships that last forever.

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SmartDok OF300

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