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Our race for solo bikers

A taste of the Finnmark plateu

DNB OF150 gives you a true insight into what Offroad Finnmark consists of. While on the SmartDok OF300 and Ishavskraft OF700 must ride as a team, the DNB OF150 is solo.

The trail follows beautiful single tracks in the area around Alta, before it turns to the mountains towards checkpoint Jotka. Checkpoint Jotka offers fantastic service from our volunteers. Warm food, drinks, love and service before the trip back to Alta.

Although the DNB OF150 is our shortest ride, it’s far from simple. The terrain is sometimes demanding and the riders are out cycling from 8 to 16 hours. The DNB OF150 fits perfectly for the beginner, but also for those who are looking for a real competition.

DnB OF150

Elite and exercisers – Side by side

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Perfect for competiotors 

A battle for eight hours 

If you want to win the DNB OF 150 you need forces you do  not know you have. The record time for DnB OF150 is eight hours and 30 minutes.

On the journey you will ride a technical part along the Alta river, climb up to the Finnmark plateu, through rocks and rivers. Before you end up into the pedestrian street in Alta center, batteling for victory.

It is a mental struggle and a tactical trial, where you have to ride hard over a long period of time. OF150 has grown since the start of 2016 in the number of participants and everything indicates new participant record in 2018.

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Perfect for beginners

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Have you just bought a mountain bike and need a goal for your workout? Then DNB OF150 is right you. Create a training plan that will allow you to complete within 16 hours.

It will give you an experience that guaranteed will make you start again next year. The meeting with other bikers will affect you to test your limits. If you master the DNB OF150, you will have both motivation and experience that will allow you to try a longer distance. Perhaps you end up being a participant in Ishavskraft OF700 in a few years?

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    Offroad Finnmark extends over large parts of the west and mid Finnmark county and sometimes in Troms county. On the way our riders will come across di...

DnB OF150

Experience the raw scenery of Europes last wilderness

The best way to do it is on a bike

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