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Coop Finnmark OFUngdom 

Our race for Teenagers between 13 and 16 

Coop Finnmark is one of Finnmark’s largest privately owned companies owned by over 24,000 members from all over Finnmark. Coop Finnmark currently has 409 employees divided into eleven Market stores, five Prix stores, eight Extra stores, four hardwere stores, two Sport1 stores and one Esso gas station. With over 4 million customer visits each year, we want to give something back to the local community and be part of the growth in the county. Therefore, we are proud to be able to cooperate with Offroad Finnmark. “

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Get the real Offroad Finnmark feeling 

Test our magic MTB trails  

Coop Finnmark OFUngdom is our race for teenager bikers. The trail follows the same trail as the first part of the DNB OF150. Coop Finnmark OFUngdom is arranged at the same time as DNB OF150. This means shared rider meeting, joint start and finish in the Alta city center and a shared breakfast banquet.

In the 13-14 year class there is one lap of about 30 kilometers. For the class 15-16 years there are two laps.

Coop Finnmark OFUungdom was hosted for the first time in 2017 an was an immediate success. Test the bicycle riding skills against Finnmark’s roughest cyclists. Prizes to all.

Information about Coop Finnmark OFUngdom

"It was fun to ride together with the athletes of DNB OF15o. I managed allmoast to hold their tempo trough the whole lap!"


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All who participate gets a diploma and prizes. 

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Obligatory for all:

  • Helmet 
    • Approved helmet in accordance with NCF/UCIs reulations
  • Bike
    • We reccomend full-stroke, but hard tail is more than good enough
  • Mobilephone
    • In case of emergency

Recommended for all:

  • GPS
    • Trail can be downloaded to GPS. Trail will allso be marked with signs
  • Air pump / air cartridge
  • Small tools:
    • Multi-tool, umbracos, screwdriver


 Trail and map



Tracks avilable only in GPX-format. We have both stages and full track. The full track will be a bit more square in the corners. 

GPS tracks 2019



FRIDAY July 27th 2018


Ridersmeeting DNB OF150 and COOP Finnmark OFUngdom. Obligatory for juniors

Place: Finnmarkssalen, Scandic hotel Alta


Registration DNB OF150

Place: Race office, Scandic hotel Alta



Opening seremony, start DNB OF150 solo, junior og COOP OFUngdom

Place: Alta city center

Ca. 11.00

First finishers 13-14 year

Place: Alta city center

Ca. 12.00

First finishers 15-16 year

Place: Alta city center



Scandic hotel Alta is host for the breakfast banquete. Prizeseremony for DNB OF150 and COOP Finnmark OFUngdom

Place: Finnmarkssalen, Scandic hotel Alta


 Race package


  • Competition
  • Diploma and prizes
  • Ticket for breakfast banquete
  • 13 – 14 year: 400 NOK
  • 15 – 16 year : 450 NOK 
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