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Ishavskraft OF700 – one of the hardest MTB-race in the world 

Extreme challenge – exhausting – Euphoric

Ishavskraft is today Northern Norway’s largest power supplier. Our identity will always be characterized by the region we come from. We belong in magnificent scenery, which is particularly vulnerable to major environmental impacts and climate change. Therefore, we feel a responsibility to be part of the solution. For this reason, we offer 100% natural power to all our customers.

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700 kilometres in Europes last wilderness 

– The hardest MTB race in the world 

Ishavskraft Offroad Finnmark 700 is considered by many as the world’s toughest mountain bike race. The 700 kilometer long race is a continuously hard effort from start to finish.

The trails go through remote areas in Europe’s last wilderness. Endless expanses, marshes, rivers and altitudes that you do not think exist in Finnmark. The route runs through five municipalities and is within 10-12 checkpoints. At two of the checkpoints there is a mandatory 4.5 hour break. The rest of the trail each team decide their own rests.

In order to carry out such an effort, all cyclists must get enough nutrition and rest. We put great emphasis on nutrition in Offroad Finnmark. Therefore, we have arranged all checkpoints with hot and cold food, drinks and lodging. Our 200 volunteers are ready to give you care and love you can not find any other place. They ensure that our participants receive a unique offer like technical service, bicycle wash and anything else you may need of help or assistance. The only thing our volunteers think about is to make sure our cyclists get the best possible experience. You can not help being touched by their care.

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Men, Ladies, Mix

1. prize

NOK 24.000 + trophy

Suite at Scandic hotel Alta

Solo: NOK 12.000 

2. prize NOK 12.000

Solo: NOK 6.500 

3. prize NOK 5.000

Solo: NOK 2.500 


 Great prizes awaits the Riders in SmartDok OF300

  • 1/3 prizes – Glass art from Arctic Glasstudio, Berlevåg 
  • Finisher jersey 
  • Two Polaris ATV ACE 570 SP to the best man and women in all classes the races 2016-2018 combined. Prizes delivered by Polaris Norge AS


Cash prizes require minimum three  starting teams in the class. If there are less than three starting teams, the first prize is Offroad Finnmark trophy. 3 starting teams trigger cash prizes to the 1st place. 4-6 starting team triggers cash prizes for 1st and 2nd place. 7 or more starting teams trigger cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. To get the finisher jersey you must reach finishline within the deadline. To compete for cash prizes in  NCF requires participants to resolve extended full-year license (EXT). One-time license is not accepted.

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  • Effective mosquito and weather protection
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Mosquito hat with protection net
    • Wind and waterproof clothing
      • Not body thight  
    • Warm clothing
      • A layer of dry lingerie (super or wool)
    • Food in sufficient amounts
    • Matches/lighter (in a waterproof bag)
    • GPS + exstra power bank
      • Must be able to load maps and tracks, as well as display maps on screen
    • Compass and map in case of GPS breakdown
      • Maps can be bought in our raceoffice or you can print it your self
    • Mobilephone
      • For emergency
    • Helmet 
      • Approved helmet in accordance with NCF/UCIs reulations
    • Bike
      • One should ride a full-stroke or a very good MTB-bike. Hardtail with cane creek seted dipstick can be an option 



  • First aid equipment:
    • tape, strips, bandages, small scissors or knife and rescue film
  • Cell phone
    • with a fully charged battery and external battery with minimum of 4000mA (emergency phone)
  • GPS with map, tracks and extra batteries
    • we recommend stem mounted GPS
  • Maps and a compass
    • maps must be printed by the team before the race starts


  • 1-2 tires
  • 3 tubes
  • Chain cutter + spare chain (spare chain links)
  • Small tools: Pliers/multi-tool, umbracos, screwdrivers, duct tape, strong wire, strong rope
  • Air pump / air cartridge
  • Common spare parts such as brake rubber/brake pads, brake wire, gear wire)
  • Rope/string for pulling teammate.
  • Gear dropout (+ spare rear gear)


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 Equipment for checkpoint bag


  • All riders pack three bags. In the form under you will find the out witch bag you meet where. Bag number 3 is the main bag, and you will find it at checkpoint with mandatory long rest. 
  • Do you want to sleep – bring sleeping bag or duvet + bed sheet + pillow
  • Suggestions for content:
    • Clean and dry bike clothes
    • Toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, div creams for rodents, Ibux)
    • Towels
    • Private diet
    • Powerbars etc. o Mosquito repellent (oil, milk, spray, napkins)
    • 2 – 4 hose
    • 1 – 2 piece tires
    • Brake fluid
    • Brake pads / discs
    • Extra empty drinking bottles
    • Extra dropouts
    • Extra shoes
    • Extra brakes
    • Extra crank
    • Extra dropout

PS! All bags must be clearly marked with name, phonenumber and team number


The technical support car will be available at some of the official checkpoints. The technical support car offers gear for maintenance work and adjustments. Parts costs standard retail prices and will be charged the rider on the spot. Creditcard for purchase is needed.  

The technical support car will carry some of the most common spare parts such as chains, tires, tubes, knobs, bolts and wires. There will be tools available at all checkpoints for simple repairs.

PS! We can not guarantee that a technical car is present at your “checkpoint” at any time!


 Checkpoint offers

Nr Checkpoint Area Service car Matress Shower Hot food Cold food Bag Distance Estimated time Checkpoint opens Final closes
0 Alta – start Alta city centre
1 Alta Walking street X Salmon wraps Drinks, nut and fruits 33 km 1 hour 18 min

Tour/ladies/mix: 30.07.18 kl.17.00

Elite: 31.07.18 kl.17.00

2 Kvænangen Public cabin X X Salmon wok X 1 82 km 4 hour 59 min

Tour/ladies/mix: 31.07.18 kl.01.00

Elite: 31.07.18 kl.23.00

3 Bidjovaggi Public road


Fish cake

X 70 km 4 hour 56 min

Tour/ladies/mix: 31.07.18 kl.08.00

Elite: 01.08.18 kl.04.15

4 Kautokeino* Sports hall X X X

Reindeer meat with mashed potato

X 3 47 km 3 hour 3 min

Tour/ladies/mix: 31.07.18 kl.12.30

Elite: 01.08.18 kl.07.45

5 Masi Public school X X X

Baked salmon

Salted potato 

X 2 76 km 3 hour 15 min

Tour/ladies/mix: 31.07.18 kl.21.30

Elite: 01.08.18 kl.15.30

Tour/ladies/mix: 01.08.2018 kl.11.20

Elite: 02.08.18 kl.02.40

6 Suossjavri Mountain lodge X X X Meat soup  X 1 33 km 2 hour 25 min

Tour/ladies/mix: 01.08.18 kl.01.00

Elite: 01.08.18 kl.18.30

Tour/ladies/mix: 01.08.18 kl.16.55

Elite: 02.08.18 kl.07.00

7 Karasjok* Public school X X X Pizza X 3 82 km 5 hour 51 min

Tour/ladies/mix: 01.08.18 kl.09.30

Elite: 02.08.18 kl.00.45

Tour/ladies/mix: 02.08.18 kl.05.20

Elite: 02.08.18 kl.16.35

8 Skoganvarre Public cabin X X Chicken soup with white rice  X 2 63 km 6 hour 40 min

Tour/ladies/mix: 01.08.18 kl.22.45

Elite: 02.08.18 kl.12.00

Tour/ladies/mix: 03.08.18 kl.01.30

Elite: 03.08.18 kl.09.20

9 Mollisjok Mountain lodge X


Fish cake 

X 67 km 5 hour

Tour/ladies/mix: 02.08.18 kl.07.15

Elite: 02.08.18 kl.18.30

Tour/ladies/mix: 03.08.18 kl.14.10

Elite: 03.08.18 kl.19.00

10 Suossjavri 2 Mountain lodge X X X Salmon soup X 1  35 km 2 hour 29 min

Tour/ladies/mix: 02.08.18 kl.11.00

Elite: 02.08.18 kl.21.30

Tour/ladies/mix: 04.08.18 kl.06.00

Elite: 04.08.18 kl.06.00

11 Jotka Mountain lodge X Meat soup x  53 km 3 hour 59 min

Tour/ladies/mix: 02.08.18 kl.17.00

Elite: 03.08.18 kl.02.00

Tour/ladies/mix: 04.08.18 kl.09.00

Elite: 04.08.18 kl.09.00

11a** Tutteberget Public road X
12 Alta – Finishline Walking street  Salmon taco 53 km 3 hour 19 min

Tour/ladies/mix: 02.08.18 kl.22.00

Elite: 03.08.18 kl.05.45

Tour/ladies/mix: 04.08.18 kl.12.00

Elite: 04.08.18 kl.12.00

* 4.5 hours of mandatory rest in Kautokeino and Karasjok

** Only technical support, NO private support

Cold food consists of bread with cheese, ham and chocolate toppings

Below you can read more about the lodges we use as a checkpoint;

Read about our lodges 


 Trail and map



Downloads in pdf-formate
Full map 2018
Detaled map 2018


Downloads are in GPX format. This format is supported by all GPSs. We do not put out “the whole track” but each of the of300 stages. This is because many have limitations on the number of points on their GPS device. When using “of300 stages” on the device, you must activate a new track for each checkpoint.
GPS tracks 2018



Monday July 29th 2019


Registration Ishavskraft OF700
All classes
Place: Race office, Scandic hotel Alta


Riders meeting Ishavskraft OF700
All classes, extended for Solo
Place: Finnmarkssalen, Scandic hotel Alta

20.00  (Race start 21.00)

Start seremony Ishavskraft OF700
Women, Mix and Tour Men
Place: Alta city centre


Passing of 1. checkpoint Alta
Place: Alta centre

Tuesday July 30th 2019

08.30  (Start 09.00)

Start seremony Ishavskraft OF700
Men elite
Place: Alta city centre


Passing of 1. checkpoint Alta
Place: Alta centre

Friday August 2nd 2019


Winner will arrive in Alta city centre

Saturday August 3th 2019


Deadline finishers


Banquete with prize seremony
Place: Finnmarkssalen, Scandic hotel Alta


Race packages


  • Race participation

  • Finisher jersey

  • Banquete ticket
  • Tracker rental
  • Technical support *

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Alt inkludert

  • Race participation
  • Finisher jersey
  • Banquete ticket
  • Tracker rental
  • Technical support *
  • Accommodation in public school before and after race **
  • Cold meals (not dinner )

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 race rules

All riders are responsible for knowing the Offroad Finnmark race rules. Download below;

Download race rules

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Offroad Finnmark offers accommodation at Bossekop school. It is located only a quick five minute bike ride away from the start and finish area. We offer mattress and cold food (no dinner). If you wish to make use of this solution, select “all included” when you sign up.


If you want a more comfortable accommodation, we recommend Scandic hotel Alta. The start and finish line is on the doorstep of the hotel and the race office and banquets are in the hotel.

Use the following code and get a discount on your booking:


Scandic AltaBook here