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DNB OF150 – Our Formula1 offer for MTB-bikers

Shorter than long, but far from easy 

Norways leading bank is general sponsor of Offroad Finnmark and race partner on OF150. We are Norwegian and we are international. We are tradition and innovation. We are a partner in single life, family life, daily life, business and social life. We are here for the small details and the big questions. Every day we associate people and ideas with knowledge and capital.

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Get at taste of what Offroad Finnmark is

DNB OF150 is an MTB race for everyone   

DNB OF 150 is our “Formula 1” race. It consists of 150 kilometers, mostly in rough terrain. The time limit is 16 hours.

DNB OF150 is an individual race, not like SmartDok OF300 and Ishavskraft OF700 where you have to ride in teams. The trial of the DNB OF150 is in much of the same terrain as our longer races and you really get to know what Offroad Finnmark is all about. Every year we visit Jotka Fjellstue, a mountain lodge on the Finnmark plateu. In Jotka you will have access to both cold and hot food, and drinks before returning to Alta.

The ride is great for those who do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time on training, planning and equipment. At the same time, it is great for those who want to compete. Should you win OF150 you have to be good. It is also a nice entry for those who dream about riding a bike on 300 and 700. Our fastest participants will complete the race in about 8 hours. To get the finish jersey, the race must be completed within 16 hours. The ride is also open to juniors.

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All classes

All finishers

Finisher jersey

Prizes to 1/3 
Class winner Glass art and sign up free of charge for DNB OF150 2019

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Obligatory for all riders:

  • Effective mosquito and weather protection
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Mosquito hat with protection net
    • Wind and waterproof clothing
      • Not body thight  
    • Warm clothing
      • A layer of dry lingerie (super or wool)
    • Food in sufficient amounts
    • Matches/lighter (in a waterproof bag)
    • First aid equipment: tape, strips, bandages, small scissor or knife and rescue film
    • GPS + exstra power bank
      • Must be able to load maps and tracks, as well as display maps on screen
    • Compass and map in case of GPS breakdown
      • Maps can be bought in our raceoffice or you can print it your self
    • Mobilephone
      • For emergency
    • Helmet 
      • Approved helmet in accordance with NCF/UCIs reulations
    • Bike
      • One should ride a full-stroke or a very good MTB-bike. Hardtail with cane creek seted dipstick can be an option  


Recommended equipment:

  • 1 tire
  • 1-2 tubes
  • Chain cutter + spare chain and links
  • Tools 
    • A small nipper
    • Multitool
      • Allen key
      • Screwdriver
    • Strong tape
    • Strong rope/wire
  • Pump/CO2 refills
    • We recommend all to have a pump easily at hand, you can experience several punctures in eache stage
  • Common spare parts (for eksempel)
    • Brakerubber, break wire, gearwire
  • Geardropout + spare reargear



 Checkpoint offers 2019

Nr Checkpoint What kind  Technical service Hot food Kald mat Distance Estimated time Scheckpoint opens Final check out
0 Alta – start City centre
1 Alta City centre X X 27 km TBA TBA TBA
2 Jotka Mountain lodge Salmon soup X 73 km TBA TBA TBA
2a* Jotka road Road X
4 Alta – finish City centre Chicken wraps 51 km TBA TBA TBA

*No foodsupply, only technical support

Find out more about Jotka

Technical support

The technical support car will be available at some of the official checkpoints. The technical support car offers gear for maintenance work and adjustments. Parts costs standard retail prices and will be charged the rider on the spot. Creditcard for purchase is needed.  

The technical support car will carry some of the most common spare parts such as chains, tires, tubes, knobs, bolts and wires. There will be tools available at all checkpoints for simple repairs.

NB We can not guarantee that a technical car is present at your “checkpoint” at any time!


 Trail and map



Downloads (pdf-file)
Full version of the trail
Detailed map of the trail


Tracks avilable only in GPX-format. We have both stages and full track. The full track will be a bit more square in the corners. 

GPS tracks



Friday July 26th 2019

19.00 – 19.45

Registration DNB OF150

Place: Race office, Scandic hotel Alta


Ridersmeeting DNB OF150 and COOP Finnmark OFUngdom. Obligatory for juniors

Place: Finnmarkssalen, Scandic hotel Alta

Saturday July 27th 2019


Opening seremony, start DNB OF150 solo, junior og COOP OFUngdom

Place: Alta city center

Ca. 17.30

First finishers in DNB OF150 

Place: Alta city center

Sunday July 28th 2019


Scandic hotel Alta is host for the breakfast banquete. Prizeseremony for DNB OF150 and COOP Finnmark OFUngdom

Place: Finnmarkssalen, Scandic hotel Alta


Race package


  • Competition
  • Finisher jersey
  • Scandic hotel Alta breakfast banquete
  • Tracker rental
  • Technical support *

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 race rules 2019

All participants are responsible for knowing the Offroad Finnmark regulations. Download the rules below;

Download Race rules

Download Race rules – junior

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Stay at our hotel partner

If you want to stay comfortable when in Alta we would recommend Scandic hotel Alta. The start and finish line is right outside the front door and secretariat and banquets are at the hotel.

Use the code (BOFF230720) and get a discount on accommodation at our hotel partner Scandic Alta.

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